Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I change MAC Address?

With SpeedDemon network equipment, you can change MAC address in a few simple steps. First, you install your SpeedDemon network equipment into your PCI or Express slot. Second, you insert the bootable configuration disk into your CDROM drive or USB port. Third, you power your computer on and wait for the configuration utility to automatically load. Fourth, you type you desired MAC address at the configuration utility prompt and press "enter". Voila! Your desired MAC address is written to your SpeedDemon network card. The change will be permanent.

2. What is the difference between a physical MAC address change and spoof MAC address?

There are two methods available to change MAC address.

One very common method is using spoof software or command-line options to temporarily spoof MAC address. Using spoof software to spoof MAC address is ineffective in many instances because it is an incomplete solution. Spoofing the MAC address merely modifies your registry keys or other system files so the MAC provided by system APIs differs from the actual physical MAC, which continues to exist after the spoof is engaged. Methods that edit the registry cannot change the physical MAC address, they only fool your computer into thinking that you have a new Ethernet address for a short time. Using software solutions, when you turn your computer off or move your network card from one machine to another, your physical MAC address is typically restored. With software-based solutions, your MAC address will eventually reset back and there is no money-back guarantee, that we know of, for spoof software you pay for. Furthermore, computer programmers and network professionals can detect and thwart this inferior method and prevent it with sophisticated software programming.

The other method, which is unique to SpeedDemon network products, is to overwrite the portion of the network device's EEPROM which stores its existing MAC address. This method changes the actual physical MAC. The change is permanent; your MAC address cannot possibly revert back to the original MAC address. Your previous MAC address ceases to exist. When you overwrite the MAC address stored in the network cards EEPROM, you can move the network card from one computer to another and the changed MAC address remains.

3. What is so special about SpeedDemon network cards?

SpeedDemon network cards can make one computer appear to be identical to another computer on a computer network. Many software programs and network applications grant access only if the network card installed in a computer is assigned a MAC address that the software program or network application is configured to accept. Many businesses rely on such network applications or software programs and cannot afford any downtime when a system crash hits. Thus, SpeedDemon network products provide an excellent and cost-effective method of creating a backup standby network in the event of a system crash that renders vital network cards defective.

4. Is there any other way to change a network card's physical MAC address?

Yes, there is another method, but it is likely to fail and render your network card defective. You are advised to not try this method. However, for educational purposes, the method will be explained. Disclaimer: we cannot be held liable or responsible for any harm or loss resulting from anyone attempting this method.

The alternative method involves desoldering the EEPROM from your network card's PC board. Next, attach the EEPROM to an EEPROM reader/writer and dump the EEPROM data to a binary file. The next step is to locate the card's current MAC address in the binary file and overwrite it with your desired MAC address. After you create a modified binary file, you must flash the EEPROM with the new data. Last you must use soldering tools to reattach the EEPROM back to the network card's PC board. If all goes well, your network card will have a new physical MAC address.

The method used by SpeedDemon network products is somewhat similar to the method described above. SpeedDemon network products use special firmware that temporarily turns a network card into an EEPROM reader/writer. The configuration utility dumps the EEPROM data to memory but shows only the MAC address to the user on the screen. When the user types the desired MAC address, the configuration software reflashes the EEPROM with the new MAC address. Using SpeedDemon network products is more likely to result in success, due to the difficulty involved with desoldering/resoldering tiny electrical components and trying to avoid static discharge, not to mention the possibility of burning your fingers while handling a hot soldering iron.

5. How can I find out what my current physical MAC address is?

The method you use will vary depending on which operating system you are using. For *nix, you will type "ifconfig -a" at the command line. For Windows, you will type "ipconfig /all" at the dos prompt or review the network card's settings in control panel. In MacOS you will select "System Preferences" and click "Network" under the "View" menu. You will then select your network adapter from the menu that appears and click "Advanced".

6. What does a MAC address look like?

A MAC address is a 12-character string consisting only of hexadecimal characters. There are 16 hexadecimal characters; they are 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, A, B, C, D, E, and F. The following are examples of what a valid MAC address might look like: 00-EC-54-3F-AA-F0, 00-32-D1-D8-C0-3A, and 00-10-EC-81-84-39. Sometimes a MAC address is written without hyphens (00EC543FAAF0) or with colons instead of hyphens (00:EC:54:3F:AA:F0).

7. What purpose does a MAC address serve?

In addition to the purposes described above, a MAC address is tied to a computer's IP address. Thus, the MAC address distinguishes each computer on a network so that network traffic destined for one computer is not accepted and responded to by other computers. In this sense, a MAC address is similar to a street address relied on by your postman to deliver mail. Without MAC addresses, the various computers on a network would have no way of knowing which computers are supposed to receive which network traffic.

8. Why change MAC address?

There are many good reasons a person might want to change MAC address. Two good reasons are a desire for Internet privacy and to create a backup standby network, as described above. With many SpeedDemon network cards, you can change MAC address thousands of times to appear as different computers on the network (unfortunately, our 802.11n line of products allow you to change the MAC address only once).

9. What comes with my order?

Our products are shipped in a sturdy protective box. Along with an invoice, the box contains three items: 1) a SpeedDemon network card contained in a anti-static bag; 2) a user manual; and 3) a bootable CDROM (or disk) containing drivers and the SpeedDemon configuration utility that is used to change MAC address.

10. Do you offer product support?

We offer a 30-day, no-questions-asked, 100% money-back guarantee on everything we sell. Your purchase is also protected by the Paypal buyer protection program. After 30 days, we offer lifetime email support.

11. Do you offer discounts on large orders?

Yes, we offer a 10% discount on any single order of 10 or more pieces and negotiate larger discounts for orders in excess of 20 pieces.